Mortlock Consultants Ltd

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Consultancy services on financial sector regulation, risk management, governance, stress testing and crisis management.

Mortlock Consultants Limited provides consultancy services on:

 Financial sector regulation and prudential supervision – see more

 Economic and regulatory policy – see more

 Payments and settlement system regulation and governance – see more

 Corporate governance and risk management – see more

 Stress testing – see more

 Crisis recovery and resolution – see more

Geof Mortlock is the head of Mortlock Consultants Limited.  He brings many years of financial sector experience and expertise, including former senior roles in the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority and Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and considerable international experience.  See Geof Mortlock’s CV.

Mortlock Consultants Limited has the capacity to tap into a network of collegial professional experts where necessary to supplement the firm’s expertise in order to provide a comprehensive approach to a client’s issues.

Mortlock Consultants Limited is based in Wellington, New Zealand.  However, it offers consultancy services to clients not just in New Zealand, but also in Australia, Asia and further afield.